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Puzzling Puzzles

Source: Polygon, Zelda Breath of the Wild

Welcome back to the Little Squid Dev Blog!

This week’s update is going to be a shorter, high level update. But don’t worry, we’ll get into some more of the behind the scenes dirty work next week (remember that pesky green box that was mentioned in last week’s update?). That one should be quite interesting!

Plus, as a cool bonus, on this and all dev blogs going forward: you can now comment directly on these blog posts! All you need is to connect a Facebook or Twitter account or you can create a separate account just for the comments. Either way, join in, ask your questions, and let's get chatting!

What have we been up to this week?  
  • Marketing research 
  • Levels, levels, levels
  • Work quality of life improved with a new computer monitor (MEGA DESK) 
  • Another convention submission moved
  • Late night convo leading to puzzle inspo
  • Posted a little preview of a  character mechanic that wasn't in the playtest demo - make sure you're following us on social to keep up with all the latest stuff 
Carving your own path
When inspiration strikes

Other than finding out another convention has been moved to next year (who needs to go to conventions anyway? ...oh, indie devs), a lot of good came from this week. Especially when it comes to the late night conversation we had.

What started as an innocent conversation on why Zelda games feel so much like their own genre (Brittney has a lot of passion behind this, so separate blog post anyone?) led to discussing how B-Side handles puzzle design. Subsequently, inspiration struck and the rest of the week was spent prototyping a new twist on the core gameplay. What that means exactly, you’ll just have to wait to find out ;D but we’re excited about it. It stays true to what we think makes B-Side special but is presented in a new light.

Side note: we could probably do a separate blog post in the future on our thoughts on puzzle design and how we’re applying it to B-Side. Let us know in the comments if that would be a topic you’d be interested in seeing us talk about!

That’s it for now! Told you it was going to be a shorter one - We've got a lot of other topics ready for the coming weeks that we're excited to get into though. Thanks for hanging with us! 

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