A 2-D Narrative Puzzle Game
Launching 2021
B-Side is a narratively driven 2D puzzle game about friendship, identity, and growth where you take control of Tae, a being who’s on a quest to find their B-Side. They are currently undergoing the Forming, just like all other beings in their cycle, but it’s not going as smoothly as expected. Now they must lean on the other beings around them and their unique abilities, including their ability to flip the world, to conquer obstacles and hazards of The Forming. But avoiding the Strayed and the Wither is no easy task and they must find their own strength while reconciling with who they are - or what they've become.
The inspiration
In the industry, two of the main ways to drive progress are through stories and mechanics. These are the two areas that we're focusing on while making B-Side.

The story will take a unique and personal look at mental health by showing it through the lens of personal growth, which is so often lost in the stigma surrounding it.

The core mechanics of the game revolve around the maze-like broken paths that require the player to flip the world to reach the goal.

Want to try it out?

head over to our challenges page to try out a level or two!

B-Side Arrives 2021
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