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B-Side is a narratively driven 2D puzzle game about friendship, identity, and growth where you take control of Tae, a being who’s on a quest to find their B-Side. They are currently undergoing the Forming, just like all other beings in their cycle, but it’s not going as smoothly as expected. Now they must lean on the other beings around them and their unique abilities, including their ability to flip the world, to conquer obstacles and hazards of The Forming. But avoiding the Strayed and the Wither is no easy task and they must find their own strength while reconciling with who they are - or what they've become.
  • Navigate maze-like levels and solve 100+ puzzles with your ability to flip the world
  • Lean on and utilize the unique abilities of 4 different characters
  • Conquer various hazards and obstacles that test your skills and understanding
  • Original atmospheric score
  • Abstract/minimalistic art style
  • Uncover a mysterious and gripping story of identity and personal growth
  • Reconcile with who you are, or what you've become, on your journey to find your B-Side!

B-Side started as a prototype of the main "flipping" mechanic in October 2016 by designer Mike Brown, while he was in school for Game Development. The premise of the mechanic and the game as a whole was sparked by the thought that navigating life with anxiety and depression felt like constantly flipping between 2 versions of the same broken world -- flipping between good times and bad. The game matured over time and was worked on as a hobby project for over a year until it was put on hold while Mike worked at Vicarious Visions on Destiny 2 and other projects.

In February of 2020, the plunge was taken into full time development on B-Side as Little Squid Studios was founded by Mike and Brittney Austin, the studio's creative director, with B-Side being the first planned release under the new studio.

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We’re a small and passionate indie game studio specializing in innovative gameplay and unique mechanics.

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B-Side Arrives 2021
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