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October Update

Welcome back to the Little Squid Dev Blog!

October was a bit of a busy month for us, with a lot of work being put into some playable pieces of B-Side for everyone to try. Have you given the challenges a shot yet? We appreciate everyone who has tried them and given us feedback – there's some great progress being made from them already!  

Let’s get into the update!

OCTOBER BUSINESS! This past month we've:
  1. Show off some of the backgrounds and music ideas we’ve been playing with
  2. Test some quality-of-life changes, like the buttons required to switch characters (don't need to use the mouse)
  3. Experiment with some mechanics and how they work, like the orange ability to swap character positions
  • Attended the IndieXChange as part of the IndieCade festival and got some great information about working from home, game marketing, and polishing an indie game, among other things!
  • Iterated on some aspects of gameplay that have gotten a lot of feedback from playtests, such as:
  1. Timing of the moving hazards - updated to make it easier to predict when to move through them
  2. A different way to tell which character is being controlled - no more small UI on the side that's easy to miss
Little white arrow go 💃
  • Completed more work on unique encounters from the main game – these are exciting and we can’t wait to show them off more! But just a little teaser for now...
  • Dragon Age: Origins – neither of us have actually ever played any Dragon Age games (blasphemy we know) so it’s about time we do
  • Slay the Spire – seriously though, how do you beat Act 4 with the Ironclad or Silent? 😭
  • For the King – remember us talking about Systems Design? This game has a ton of cool systems going on, it’s awesome

Tons of new challenges are still on the way, and we'll have some more to share on the main game and story of B-Side soon so stay tuned!

See you on the internet!

- 🦑

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