Dev Blog December 7, 2020

November Update

Welcome back to the Little Squid Dev Blog!

There are lots of things we're thankful for in November - like getting a lot of good work done! We're having fun making the weekly challenges and it's been helpful getting people to play them and provide feedback. The game is definitely already better off for it. Have you given them a try yet? How are you liking them? We'd love to know!

NOVEMBER BUSINESS! This past month we've:
  • Participated in another round of #PitchYaGame on twitter

Made a new trailer/video for this (watch on twitter) - we tried to show more narrative elements with this video, what do you think?

  • Continued releasing Challenges, which has allowed work/experimentation on:
  1. Having all characters in a level at once
  2. Characters respawning automatically
  3. Communicating mechanic ideas quickly and clearly (still a lot of work to do on this)
  4. This neat “path riding” mechanic
  • Written out and defined all of the story beats and the motivations/reasons for them to happen
  • Flushed out the characters with personalities, ideals, world views – they feel like real people now, just have to make sure that comes through in the game!
Now just to name them... 🤔
  • Destiny 2: Beyond Light - always feels like coming home when booting this game back up
  • Burnout Paradise - thanks, EA access! 
  • Sims 4 - why does virtual Mike always need to pee and is always hungry? ...just like real Mike.
  • Fable anniversary - did you know there's new quests available at the guild?
  • Cats Organized Neatly - cute AND relaxing puzzle game
  • Titanfall 2 - revisited! 
  • Yahtzee - new dice deserve to be rolled, so out comes this classic
  • D&D - virtual sessions aren't the same as in person, but at least they can still happen these days

As we now enter December, work continues... Luckily, it's work worth doing and we love every part of it! Keep an eye out for more updates!

See you on the internet!

- 🦑

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